Checkers - Code in C++

Hi there,

C++ is the first Object Oriented Programming Language we are taught in Computer Science Engineering. Obviously, we had a semester project to do so that they can evaluate our practical knowledge. I had Tic-Tac-Toe in my mind as the first topic, but when I saw my friends making much better games like Twin-Ball, Othello, I had to rethink my project topic. Chess came in mind but was too hard and project had weightage of  hust 50 marks. Checkers came to the rescue. It was more challenging than Othello while obviously easier than Chess, so here I am with Checkers.

I'm happy to reach my own expectations and was able to make a "full on" game "Checkers" with almost 1625 lines of coding. It features both - Two and One ( !!! ) player gaming. The Graphics are the best I can do as we're not taught, and i referred blogs, books etc.

So here's the download link for the code and exe if you want to waste your time reading my code.

And this is the wikipedia link if you have never heard of Checkers !!


  1. Please send me your code i have project on this. my i.d is

  2. gan boleh minta codingannya buat tugas, kirim ke