CPI Calc 3.0 - Newer and Better

Hi there,

Results are up ! Congratulations ;) Now the CPI thing :

You just have to text me your marks, and you'll get your grades, SPI and CPI as text reply !! Yep, I have created a message Interceptor which automatically intercepts CPI texts (with keyword CPI - you'll understand that afterward) to my phone and replies you back.

Just as TV show's voting system, you have to type some prefix keywords and follow some rules. Oh yeah, it supports just CE, IT and EC marks till date. (I'll be updating the info. for other branches if added :D ).

These are the rules to send the text :

CPI CE [maths marks] [ae] [oopd] [na] [ee] [1st sem SPI] [2nd Sem SPI]

[maths marks] [le] [ct] [na] [ei] [yoga] [1st sem SPI] [2nd Sem SPI]
CPI IT [maths marks] [ae] [oopd] [na] [ddc] [cpi] [1st sem SPI] [2nd Sem SPI]
to my phone number.

CPI CE 75 110 110 110 110 8.88 7.77
CPI EC 75 110 110 110 110 75 8.88 7.77
CPI IT 75 110 110 110 110 40 8.88 7.77

I'll not be blogging my phone number (Obviously !!). You may get via my facebook profile (Not a friend of me ?? add me :P)

Note :

See that you leave at least one space between keywords, marks and SPIs. Don't include the brackets too !

Way 2 sms and other free texting sites are supported (If you don't have free text scheme - that's pathetic !! :P ). See that the sites don't add AD crap before your message !

The software won't be replying if there is any error in your text and won't even reply you to inform this !

And please, please inform as many friends as you can ! I have 500 free texts everyday for my App to reply !

See ya !!

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