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Google is no more the only search engine I use. Bing is more reliable for Microsoft related queries. Though Bing cannot replace Google, but one more thing Bing's got is the background image of the search page which changes daily and are really nice (and informative on the US site ). What if you can set these awesome images automatically as your desktop background ? Have a look below ...

Do you know what Bing is ? You love the background images ? Run Windows 7 ? This post is surely for you. Other might want to check this because this is a cool Theme for Windows 7.

Follow these steps to set up your live Bing Theme.

1. Download the Bing.theme file from here.

2. Open it, you'll now be in the Personalization Window.

3. You will see a dialog Box asking for some action. Click on "Download Attachments".

4. And you're Done ! You may change the slideshow timings and personalize other settings too.

Enjoy the awesome backgrounds ! And share the link if you like this !

Note :
This theme works on RSS feeds which requires active internet connections. Don't worry ! The theme will download new images every time you connect to the internet. But it can't help if you are not connected to internet :(.

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