Preview of Forward Contacts (Beta) for Windows Phone Mango

The first Major Update release of Windows Phone codenamed Mango will be available for download this fall (2011) as well as new Devices pre-loaded with Mango will be available. Windows Phone Developers are provided with a beta version of Windows Phone Mango as well as new Developer Tools to create and test Mango compatible apps. I have installed Windows Phone Mango on my device and I am very much impressed with the OS! It’s really awesome :).

Now coming to the point, Forward Contacts for Windows Phone is able to forward only E-Mail addresses or Phone numbers of Contacts while many users requested to pull out addresses too from the Contact to forward them. Well in Windows Phone Mango, third party apps are no more restricted to access only the E-Mail addresses and Phone numbers. So here I am with the Forward Contacts Windows Phone Mango version preview video!

As you can see in the video, the app gives the list of details available from contact you selected. You can select the details to forward or click one button to select all details and forward them as a Message or E-Mail. The other feature like saving the details for use in future remains there and is very handy.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have a Windows Phone, go grab your copy of Forward Contacts now (just $0.99 with trial) and when you'll have Mango, you'll also have the best app to Forward Contacts from your phone

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